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NORCAL is serious about protecting the reputations of our policyholders. We design our claims handling process to do just that. Our primary aim is to help avoid trouble before it starts. But if a claim does arise, we will vigorously defend our policyholders. Our Claims Specialists are available around the clock to assist policyholders when they need us most.

Our aggressive approach to claims handling includes:

  • Vigorous defense of non-meritorious claims
  • Reasonable settlement of meritorious claims, if feasible
  • Protection of the policyholder’s right to consent to settle¹
  • Defense costs outside of limits²
  • Multiple expert reviews, if appropriate
  • 87% of claims closed without indemnity payment*

What Should I Report?

Contact the NORCAL Mutual Claims Department in any situation that could trigger a claim. Here are some common examples of when to contact a Claims Specialist:

  • Adverse outcomes
  • Verbal complaints or threats
  • Issues/disputes relating to other providers that may result in litigation
  • Requests of verbal or written statements
  • Request for medical records
  • Notice of deposition
  • Communication from an attorney asking for an interview
  • Request for meetings, interviews, peer reviews or root cause analysis
  • Any event related to professional services that you find strange or out of the ordinary

Learn more by exploring the What to Report section.

¹ Subject to applicable laws governing consent to settle provisions, which may vary by state.

² For claims under the Information and Network Security Insurance endorsement, defense costs are included within the limits of its coverage.

* Formal (reserved) claims against insureds with NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company,
Medicus Insurance Company and FD Insurance Company in 2016.