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ProAssurance is serious about protecting the reputations of our policyholders. Our aggressive approach to claims handling includes:

  • Vigorous defense of non-meritorious claims
  • Reasonable settlement of meritorious claims, if feasible
  • Protection of the policyholder’s right to consent to settle¹
  • Defense costs outside of limits²
  • Multiple expert reviews, if appropriate
  • 87% of claims closed without indemnity payment*

¹ Subject to applicable laws governing consent to settle provisions, which may vary by state.
² For claims under the Information and Network Security Insurance endorsement, defense costs are included within the limits of its coverage.
* Formal (reserved) claims against insureds with NORCAL Insurance Company,
Medicus Insurance Company and FD Insurance Company in 2016.

What to Report

Formal Notification: Depending on the state in which your practice, there are several ways you could be notified of a medical malpractice claim, lawsuit, or investigative proceeding:

  • Summons and complaint/petition
  • Pre-suit notice of intent to sue
  • Subpoena, request for records, or deposition
  • Demand letter
  • Communication from a privileging body
  • Communication from a medical board

Early Reporting of Incidents: Early reporting of potential claims, or “incidents,” can make all the difference in ProAssurance’s ability to evaluate and defend actions initiated against you. Policies underwritten by NORCAL Insurance Company feature a “good faith” early reporting policy. Promptly report a potential claim if you experience any of the following:

  • Any unexpected result that you believe could produce a claim.
  • A verbal complaint or threat to sue by a patient or a patient’s family member about care rendered.
  • Request for Medical Records by attorney, copy service, or patient.
  • Any situation in which a potential claim could be avoided with an appropriate action or response.
  • Request for meetings, interviews, or verbal or written statements regarding patient care.

How to Report

Call a Claims Specialist: Please call 844-466-7225. You will need your policy number and location (state) of the incident. A Claims Specialist will contact you within two business days.

You can be assured that the information you provide to ProAssurance—whether by phone or through our online claims reporting page—is secure, privileged, and confidential. The information presented here is not intended to replace case-specific advice from either your legal counsel or ProAssurance.

ProAssurance Claims

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NORCAL Claims Specialists

Claims Intake Line: 844-466-7225
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After Hours Triage

If you require immediate assistance outside of business hours, our Claims department regional leadership will work with you to coordinate an action plan.

Gina Harris, Regional Claims Executive, West

Laura Ekery, Regional Vice President, Southwest

Mike Severyn, Regional Claims Executive, Midwest

Frank Bishop, Regional Claims Executive, Southeast

Mark Lightfoot, Regional Claims Executive, Northeast

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