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3 Questions to Ask Before Building Business Philanthropy into Your Practice

October 13, 2017

The decision to begin a business philanthropy effort as part of your practice is a very personal one, both in the desire needed to take it on and in the causes you select. But if you’re a practice owner, it’s also a business decision because you need to be mindful of how it will impact your bottom line. Cash donations add strain to already tight budgets, and even organized volunteering is likely to take up some of your staff’s time to coordinate sign-ups, rally the troops, and select organizations to work with.

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Recovering Water-Damaged Records After a Disaster

October 9, 2017

Whether it’s a hurricane, an earthquake or secondary damage from a fire, many disasters involve extensive water damage to paper and electronic records. How you handle recovering water-damaged records is critical to ensuring the most complete recovery possible. Below are recommendations for what to do — and what not to do — as part of your disaster recovery.

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Filed under: Practice Management, Article, Practice Manager, Business Continuity, Business Operations

Managing the Risks of Treating Chronic Pain with Opioids

September 29, 2017

Physicians need to be especially careful when managing chronic pain with opioid medications. Medical practices often seek risk management advice when they suspect a patient is misusing prescription medications, is not complying with treatment, or when the patient is making unreasonable demands for more opioids. If a patient suffers harm as a result of opioid medication use, a physician may become the target of a lawsuit alleging negligent treatment of chronic pain.

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Filed under: Prescribing & Medication, Best Practices, Practice Manager, Physician

Medical Ethics and Physician-Patient Encounters: Case Studies and Best Practices

July 5, 2017

A comatose, ventilator-dependent, car accident victim lies in an intensive care unit while her husband and her parents discuss her future quality of life and argue about what type of care she would have wanted. This scenario may initially come to mind when the average person hears the term medical ethics. However, the concept of medical ethics is much more common in everyday practice than a dramatic ICU clash is.

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Filed under: Patient Relationship, Medical Ethics, Article, Physician

Ethical Dilemmas with Disclosing Medical Errors

July 5, 2017

Truth-telling after medical error is the theme of this physician-patient interaction. In the U.S., there is broad ethical consensus supporting disclosure of known medical errors, but even so, the physician who must acknowledge a mistake faces a daunting situation. Disclosing medical errors is the theme of this physician-patient interaction resulting in a medical liability lawsuit.

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Filed under: Patient Relationship, Medical Ethics, Case Study, Physician, Unanticipated Outcomes, Medical Errors & Apology



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