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Responding to Negative Physician Reviews

August 26, 2019

Physicians sometimes call NORCAL Group Risk Management department for advice after a patient has posted a negative review online. Some callers want confirmation that fighting back in court or online is appropriate, but these seemingly satisfying solutions can backfire.

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Granting Patient Refund Requests: Risks and Benefits

August 26, 2019

Issuing a refund or reimbursement to a dissatisfied patient may seem like a simple solution to a potentially complicated problem. However, there are many different issues to consider that may not be immediately apparent.

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Inadequate Screening of Clinicians and Staff: Case Study Review

August 26, 2019

Like other people, physicians and clinical staff members may commit crimes and engage in other noncriminal activity that can expose their healthcare employers to liability and regulatory violation risk.1 Therefore, it is important to have processes in place to conduct background investigations on any staff member involved in patient care and practice operations, even those with personal references from current clinicians or staff.

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Hiring a Locum Tenens for Your Practice: What You Need to Know

September 10, 2018

Balancing personal and family time with your responsibilities as a physician may be one of your biggest challenges, especially if you are a self-employed physician in a solo or small practice since time off can mean no income for you and your staff. If you have wrestled with striking a balance between running your practice and having time for yourself and your family, there’s hope. Hiring a locum tenens during your absence may provide a solution that will allow you to take time off work to re-energize both body and mind and return to work with a renewed focus and sense of purpose without a negative financial impact.

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Sexual Harassment in a Healthcare Practice: What You Need to Know

August 1, 2018

In 2017, sexual harassment claims dominated news coverage and social media forums. Claims of sexual misconduct and harassment have certainly clouded — if not ended — the careers of once powerful and publicly respected celebrities, and the #MeToo movement has encouraged and empowered many ordinary people to come forward with their stories of being harassed and treated inappropriately. The healthcare field is not immune to claims of sexual harassment.

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