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What To Report

Formal Notification

Depending on the state in which your practice, there are several ways you could be notified of a medical malpractice claim, lawsuit or investigative proceeding:

  • Summons and complaint/petition
  • Pre-suit notice of intent to sue
  • Subpoena, request for records or deposition
  • Demand letter
  • Communication from a privileging body
  • Communication from a medical board

Promptly report your claim securely online.

Early Reporting of Incidents

Early reporting of potential claims, or “incidents,” can make all the difference in NORCAL’s ability to evaluate and defend actions initiated against you. NORCAL features a “good faith” early reporting policy.

Promptly report a potential claim if you experience any of the following:

  • Any unexpected result that you believe could produce a claim
  • A verbal complaint or threat to sue by either a patient or a patient’s family member about care rendered.
  • Request for Medical Records by attorney, copy service or patient.
  • Any situation in which a potential claim could be avoided with an appropriate action or response.
  • Request for meetings, interviews, verbal or written statements regarding patient care.

The information presented here is not intended to replace case-specific advice from either your legal counsel or NORCAL Group.