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Your Care for Others Depends on Care for Yourself.

Professional, Confidential Coaching for NORCAL Group Insureds Facing Stress & Burnout from COVID-19

Medical professionals are facing a seemingly never-ending onslaught of crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether on the front lines caring for waves of patients and families impacted by the virus, feeling challenged to safely manage a practice in uncertain times, or coping with difficult personal, professional, and financial demands, stress is ever-present.

Unchecked, this stress can result in anxiety, depression, diminished thinking capacity and serious mental and physical health problems.

That's why NORCAL Group has partnered with Winning Focus to provide confidential, non-reportable coaching through a unique, proprietary protocol. Our program allows for private, one-on-one discussion with an experienced stress coach and supports the effective management of COVID-19 related stress and burnout.

Available at no additional cost to NORCAL Group policyholders, this confidential program offers several advantages to all insureds on the policy.

  • Professional coaches with more than 25 years of experience and expertise with medical professional stress and burnout.
  • Cultural and religious sensitivity
  • Accommodation to your work and life schedule
  • Phone and online video options

Finally, for concerns around reporting and disclosure, coaching provided by Winning Focus does not treat any medical or psychological condition prompting state licensing board report.

YouCARE — care for yourself, so you can care for others.

NORCAL Group Policyholders
Accessing YouCARE


Winning Focus, Inc.
  • Monday - Friday
    9am - 6pm ET
  • Saturday
    10am - 2pm ET


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