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Direct Liability in Healthcare: Risk Exposure Hiding in Plain Sight

May 2023

Physicians can envision direct liability stemming from errors they make while providing hands on care to a patient. What they may not realize is that acts or omissions unrelated to direct patient care may create direct liability claims against individual physicians or the entities they serve. This article aims to explain how direct liability can arise from circumstances in the healthcare environment that may be steps removed from face-to-face patient care.

  • Direct Liability vs. Vicarious Liability
    Recognizing Different Kinds of Risk Exposures

  • Fake Nurses
    Someone Else's Fraud Can Cause Your Risk

  • Hiring/Supervision/Oversight
    How an Employer's Failure to Act May Cause Injury

  • Facilities Management
    From Hardscape to Software

  • Policies and Procedures
    How Inadequacies May Contribute to Claims

  • Staffing/Boarding/Burnout
    Issues with Boarding

Direct Liability in Healthcare

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