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Prior Acts/Nose Coverage

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Right to Consent to Settle

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Death, Disability and Retirement

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Defense Outside the Limits

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Info Security & Admin Defense

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NORCAL Group* brings an A.M. Best “A-” (Excellent) rating and 40 years of strength and stability to Nevada physicians who deserve a committed medical professional liability insurance provider.



Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Provides coverage for damages because of injury caused by a medical incident directly resulting from professional health care services or professional committee activities.

  • Prior Acts/Nose Coverage (Over Current Retroactive Date) — Conveniently provides coverage from one insurer.
  • Right to Consent to Settle — Places you in control of whether to settle a claim. (Subject to specific state laws.)
  • Death, Disability and Retirement — NORCAL waives the tail premium for a qualified health care professional in the event of death or disability, or if the health care professional has been insured with us for at least one year, has a retroactive date that is at least 48 months before the termination date, and retires completely from the practice of medicine.
  • Defense Outside the Limits — NORCAL will pay defense costs and additional benefits for a covered claim in addition to the limits of coverage. Additional benefits include loss of earnings and expenses incurred to assist NORCAL in the defense.

Information and Network Security

This endorsement provides substantial coverage for a wide variety of potential costs related to information security — with no deductible and at no additional cost to you. NORCAL also provides policyholders exclusive access to an online library of educational and training resources related to information security.

  • Information & network security liability — Protection against claims alleging unauthorized release of personal information, violations of information privacy law, or unauthorized use of/access to your computer system.
  • Media liability — Protection against claims arising from material published on a website, in ads, etc., including allegations of libel, slander, copyright infringement, or trademark violations.
  • Regulatory privacy proceedings & regulatory fines & penalties — Coverage for defense of HIPAA violations, state and federal information privacy law violations, etc; and for certain related fines and penalties.
  • Customer notification & credit monitoring expenses — Coverage for expenses incurred as a result of information breaches, including costs of notifying affected parties and providing them with credit monitoring services.
  • Electronic data recovery & replacement expenses — Coverage for expenses incurred to recover or replace electronic data lost or damaged because of a computer virus, hacking or other system invasion.
  • Cyber extortion — Coverage for expenses and extortion monies as a direct result of credible threats, including introduction of malicious code into an insured computer system.
  • Cyber terrorism — Coverage for income loss and business interruption expenses due to a terrorist act that takes down the insured computer system.

Administrative Defense

  • Medical Licensure and Privileges
  • Employment Practices
  • Billing errors
  • EMTALA Proceedings
  • CLIA Proceedings
  • STARK Proceedings
  • Fines and penalties for administrative proceedings
Nevada Benefits & Info

Benefits & Info 

Risk Management Solutions

  • On-site Clinical and Administrative Assessment
    Helps you identify risks, as well as evaluate and improve your practice systems.
  • Industry-leading CME Program
    Assists you in enhancing patient safety and improving communication.
  • Bi-monthly Claims Rx Publication
    Helps you stay on top of current administrative and clinical issues.
  • Risk Management Phone Consultations
    Offers peace of mind and allows you to call for emergent Risk Management advice.

Payment Options

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Nevada Applications


Each application is available to download in PDF format for electronic or offline submission.

Please download the application to your computer, complete and email to If you have any questions, contact your agent/broker, or call our toll free number 844-466-7225 to talk with a NORCAL Group representative.

Application Instructions

Electronic Completion

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  1. Please download the relevant electronic application to your computer’s hard drive.
  2. Answer all the questions electronically by checking the appropriate boxes and filling in the “fields” or blanks on your computer.
  3. Save the changes you have made to the document.
  4. Email the completed application:

Conventional Completion

Print out the relevant electronic application and complete it by hand. Provide completed application to your agent/broker or contact a NORCAL Group representative for mailing instructions.

We’re here to help if you have questions regarding the application process. Please contact NORCAL Customer Service at 844-466-7225, or your agent/broker.

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