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NORCAL Mutual Now Introduces New Medical Professional Liability Insurance Policy in Texas

May 29, 2015

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company, the ninth largest medical professional liability insurance provider in the nation, introduced a new policy to physicians and healthcare professionals in Texas with comprehensive protection for certain data breaches, cyber liability and risks related to administrative activities, as part of its strategic national expansion.

“Our promise to policyholders has always been to provide the highest quality products and services. We are excited to offer this new policy with coverages crafted to address critical challenges that Texas medical practices face today,” said NORCAL Mutual’s Chief Business Development Officer Ron Rumin.

Rumin adds, “Physicians are facing new challenges as the digital environment becomes increasingly complex. The need for contemporary coverages to address these challenges and protect their practices is essential. The right coverage, combined with NORCAL Mutual’s industry leading patient safety education and vigorous claims defense, ensures that our policyholders are well protected.”

NORCAL Mutual currently provides coverage to 2,200 Texas healthcare professionals across all specialties. NORCAL Mutual began offering policies in the state in 2014, and had previously served Texas physicians through its subsidiary company Medicus Insurance Company, which was founded in Texas in 2006.