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Preventing HIPAA Data Breaches to Safeguard Your Digital Practice

January 23, 2020

The digital practice—the electronic storage, access, sharing, and monitoring of health information—promises increased convenience, improved patient care, and lower costs.1 But this electronic access to medical records also brings with it the risk of cyberattacks and new avenues for employee error and misuse that could put sensitive patient data at risk of exposure and your practice at risk of violating state and federal regulatory and privacy laws.

5 Steps to Safeguard Your Digital Practice

In this special report, we offer five steps to help you reduce these risks that could compromise confidential medical records and cause financial harm to your practice.

Risk Areas

  • Learn why HIPAA data breaches are a potentially costly risk for your practice.

Case Study

  • Learn how downloading patient data onto a laptop could result in a HIPAA violation.

Best Practices

  • Learn 5 strategies to help build a culture of information security.


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