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Strategies for Addressing Parental Concerns About Vaccination

May 15, 2019

While the number of people getting vaccinations for their children is relatively stable,1 some parents are hesitant about or refuse vaccines, or want to depart from the recommended schedule, yet patient safety and public health goals call for physicians to discuss vaccination with parents in order to facilitate wide vaccine acceptance. In this special report, NORCAL’s risk management experts identify the most helpful strategies for communicating with parents about vaccination.

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Filed under: Patient Communication, Special Report, Physician, Pediatrics, Family Practice

Medical Ethics Issues with Shared Decision-Making in Patient Encounters

July 5, 2017

The pediatrician in this interaction worked to build a therapeutic alliance with the mother of her minor patient. The mother responded. Later, the mother’s anxiety for her son’s condition caused her to discount the shared decision-making process and to cast blame on the pediatrician. The pediatrician’s documentation of her discussions with the mother clarified the events in this case, helping to get the lawsuit dismissed.

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Filed under: Patient Relationship, Medical Ethics, Case Study, Physician, Pediatrics, Family Practice



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