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Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Vaccination Is Underway - Can It Be Mandated? »

This NORCAL Group resource provides guidance for mandatory HCP vaccination and outlines a recommended approach for responding to patient inquiries about the vaccination status of HCP.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Provide Glimmer of Hope Despite Unique Challenges »
The intent of this NORCAL Group resource is to support your COVID-19 vaccine administration efforts and to provide associated risk management recommendations.

Mask Use, Controversies Around It and Ensuring the Safety of Your Patients, Staff, and the Public »
This page will outline the basic recommendations for mask use and assist you in situations where mask use exceptions are requested by both patients and staff.

The information provided on this site offers risk management recommendations and resource links. Guidance and recommendations contained in this website are not intended to determine the standard of care, but are provided as risk management advice only. The ultimate judgment regarding the propriety of any method of care must be made by the healthcare professional. The information does not constitute a legal opinion, nor is it a substitute for legal advice. Legal inquiries about this topic should be directed to an attorney. NORCAL Group makes no representation regarding compliance with state or federal law by offering these resources. These documents and links are provided for your convenience and reference only, and the provision of these materials does not mean NORCAL Group is affiliated or associated with these organizations.