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What’s Your Exit Strategy? Planning an Orderly Exit from Your Practice

September 20, 2018

What would happen to your patients if you could no longer practice medicine? Will your practice continue after you retire? What will happen to your staff or your colleagues? Every business owner and professional, no matter how passionate about a career, will eventually leave. Planned and unplanned life events such as retirement, death, physical or cognitive disabilities — or maybe a career change to teaching or writing — can trigger your departure from medicine. Developing an exit strategy will help you make business decisions that lead to a well-planned exit while also preparing for unforeseen circumstances.

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Recovering Water-Damaged Records After a Disaster

October 9, 2017

Whether it’s a hurricane, an earthquake or secondary damage from a fire, many disasters involve extensive water damage to paper and electronic records. How you handle recovering water-damaged records is critical to ensuring the most complete recovery possible. Below are recommendations for what to do — and what not to do — as part of your disaster recovery.

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