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Managing the Stressors Driving Physician Burnout

March 6, 2023

Research indicates that a majority of physicians may be suffering from burnout and that burnout is nearly twice as prevalent among physicians as among other workers in the United States. Who or what is responsible for physician burnout is a complicated question that has prompted a great deal of research over many years. Burnout in physicians has been defined as emotional exhaustion, impersonal reaction to patients, feelings of incompetence, low achievement, and lack of motivation. There are multiple tools to measure physician burnout and wellness. Assessing the problem is a key organizational and personal strategy for ensuring quality patient care and physician well-being.

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The Impact of EHR Burdens on Physician Burnout

September 29, 2020

Physician burnout is associated with two-fold increased odds for unsafe care, unprofessional behaviors, and low patient satisfaction according to one study.1 Another study shows that electronic health records (EHR) contribute to physician burnout due to the increased clerical burden that disrupts the time spent with patients.2 Like many other healthcare issues, preventing physician burnout is cheaper and safer than managing the downstream consequences. In this special report, the risk management experts at NORCAL offer strategies to address stress caused by EHRs.

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Seeking Help to Address Clinician Suicidality

September 8, 2020

Physician suicide rates are higher than suicide rates in the general population, even though they are likely underreported. Yet physician suicide is still a taboo topic in our society. Thankfully, help exists for those at risk, and confidential resources are available.

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Recognizing the Signs of Physician Burnout

September 4, 2019

Nearly half of U.S. physicians—44%—report feeling burned out, with 59% citing too many bureaucratic tasks as the chief contributor.¹ This is a serious concern, because physician burnout can lead to patients suffering adverse events² or leave physicians unable to express empathy and compassion with their patients.³

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Reduce the Stress of Physician Leadership to Reduce Physician Burnout

June 7, 2019

Healthcare organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of engaging physicians and other clinicians in their leadership teams, and this engagement will become even more important as the healthcare environment becomes more challenging. However, leadership responsibilities can contribute to stress and physician burnout when physicians and other clinicians don’t have the leadership skills needed to work collaboratively with their peers or when organizations lack a collaborative culture.

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