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Reducing Liability Risks in Telehealth

July 1, 2020

Telemedicine continues to grow in scope and popularity as increasing numbers of providers adopt it in their practices, and the technology continues to improve for connecting with and delivering virtual care to patients. Telemedicine offers a number of advantages to providers and patients—including convenience and speedier and improved access to care—leading to increased patient satisfaction. It also offers increased opportunities for providers to broaden their practices and patient base as well as greater flexibility in how they provide care to patients.1

In this special report, the risk management experts at NORCAL Group discuss these advantages and identify ways you can reduce your liability risks when incorporating telemedicine into your practice.

Telemedicine Offers Potential Advantages, But Be Aware of the Liability Risks


  • A convenient and cost-effective alternative to in-person medical care1


  • State licensure portability and practice standards vary, adding risk when treating patients across state lines1,3

Best Practices

  • Risk management recommendations to reduce your liability risks when incorporating telemedicine into your practice
For more risk management recommendations and considerations when incorporating telemedicine into your practice, see the Knowledge Library article, “Telemedicine Offers Advantages for Practices, But Liability Risks Remain.”


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