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Compromising Statements in Text Messages Complicated Defense of a Malpractice Claim

May 19, 2023

Texting can blur traditional patient-physician boundaries. The loosening of social inhibitions in the online environment often allows people to behave differently than they would in person, a phenomenon known as the online disinhibition effect.

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Telehealth Offers Advantages for Practices, But Liability Risks Remain

August 24, 2022

In the first half of 2020 — the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — telehealth experienced extraordinary growth as social distancing protocols, concern over spreading the virus, and other pandemic realities spurred demand and adoption. While this growth has receded since that time, usage remains well above pre-pandemic levels and the regulatory environment remains dynamic.1

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Improper Informed Consent Leads to Allegation of Negligent Supervision

July 5, 2017

In this interaction, the involved physicians avoided disclosing important information to the patient during the informed consent process. An informed consent exchange that is not truthful and complete violates standards of medical ethics.

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