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5 Strategies to Encourage Positive Online Physician Ratings

April 1, 2019

Patients are leaning heavily on physician reviews to help them select a physician.1 Recent developments also suggest that these reviews may one day affect physician availability in payer networks.2 As important as these reviews are—and may become—it helps to understand what they actually say and what your practice can do about them. This special report describes the nature of these reviews and offers strategies for encouraging positive ones to help you maintain a positive online reputation.

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Preventing Employee Error from Causing a HIPAA Data Breach

January 1, 2019

“The Healthcare vertical is rife with Error and Misuse. In fact, it is the only industry vertical that has more internal actors behind breaches than external.”1

Even with this grim realization, there is some good news for healthcare practices. Because more than half of healthcare data breaches are caused by inadvertent actions of employees, there is an opportunity for practices to greatly reduce their risk of attack with employee training and awareness that builds a pervasive “culture of security.”

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Strategies for Increasing Patient Safety with Opioids

August 27, 2018

Acting Secretary of HHS in 2017 declared a public health emergency to address what he called a “national opioid crisis.” It’s easy to see why. The number of people dying from opioid overdoses is increasing1 and the economic burden is estimated at $78.5 billion a year in the U.S.2 Furthermore, due to the increased scrutiny by law enforcement and regulatory agencies and the risk of dependency and overdose there are increased liability risks for physicians related to opioid prescribing. In this special report, the risk management experts at NORCAL offer recommendations supporting sound pain management principles for mitigating these risks and increasing patient safety with opioids.

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Filed under: Pain Management Specialist, Pain Management, Prescribing & Medication, Special Report, Practice Manager, Physician, Opioids

Reducing the Risks of Abandonment Claims in Patient Termination

June 29, 2017

Terminating a physician-patient relationship is appropriate and ethical in a variety of circumstances. However, if the relationship is not ended appropriately, a physician could be liable for patient abandonment or for failure to diagnose or treat a condition. In this special report, NORCAL’s risk management experts present justifiable grounds for terminating a patient relationship and factors that may increase the risk of an abandonment claim.

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Filed under: Patient Relationship, Special Report, Practice Manager, Physician

4 Tips to Help Lower Medical Liability Risk

June 29, 2017

PIAA, the nation’s leading association representing medical professional liability insurance companies, has prepared a study showing comparative payment analysis of medical professional liability claims based on five years of loss causation data.

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